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For more information, see “Recalibrating the battery” on page Configuring Fax in Windows Before you send your first fax, you need to set up your user information. To play a CD: Warning CD Make sure that you use the AC adapter that came with your notebook or one of the same type purchased from Gateway. Getting Started Basic safety precautions When using your notebook and peripheral devices, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following: Eventually the trash can is emptied.

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200ac on Pad Lock so you can use the numeric keypad. Gateway model number The label on the bottom of your notebook contains information that identifies your notebook model and its features. Burning Process Please wait See these sources for more information about networking your home or office with wired or wireless Ethernet. The wizard also moves specific files or entire folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, and Favorites.

Other buttons on the taskbar represent programs that are running. For the location of the Microphone jack, see “Right side” on page 4. OK Cancel 4 Click the arrow button to open the Screen Saver list, then click the screen saver you want.


Click Next to continue. Install as many as two memory modules into this bay. If you install a new device, you need to install the drivers provided by the device manufacturer. You can attach an external keyboard to the notebook using a USB port. Go to Step 4. Getting Help 46 www.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: ARC USER MANUAL”

Fox Configuration Wizard Sender Information Enter sender information that will appear on fan cover pages. Type the keyword saving in the Search box Search [ fl, then click the arrow. Type the keyword downloading files in the Search box Search I E, 200qrc click the arrow. You can select 020arc of the defined power schemes or create a custom power scheme.

Because of this increased capacity, full-length movies, several albums of music, or several gigabytes of data can fit on a single disc. Video file information Video screen www.

Getting Started Starting your notebook To start your notebook: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. For more information For more information about purchasing equipment for your home or office Ethernet network, discuss your particular needs with your Gateway representative.


Networks (wireless) – Gateway ARC Reference Manual [Page ]

Important Some fax machines cannot use special characters such as hyphens. I can’t recall how I made it work before. 200src the NIC was never an issue.

Page Page – Adjusting the screen resolution Page – Changing the colors on your Windows desk For instructions on how to adjust the double-click speed, pointer speed, right-hand or left-hand configuration, and other touchpad settings, see “Changing the touchpad settings” on page For more information, see “Changing batteries” on page The Display Properties dialog box opens.

Memory Large programs, such as multimedia games or graphics programs, use a lot of memory. This time, no luck.

Gateway 200arc laptop drivers for Windows XP x86

For more information, see “Multi-function buttons” on page The New Connection wizard opens. File type File usually ends in. Networrk Intel Graphics Controller Properties dialog box opens. The Shut Down Windows dialog box opens.