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I’m writing the CEO of Cricket about the phone and how customer services giving me the run around. It’s a safety problem. Alcatel pixi 4 6. I’ve had this phone since August Yes 4 No 0. I’ve had Alcatel customer service admit to knowing about the problem, They also said that the Idol 5 came out because of the problem and that they fixed it.

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PIXI 4 6 3G – Alcatel

You can do like this. Yes 1 No 2. It’s a safety problem. Though, Alcatel should upgrade these things. Please contact your service provider to enable multi-conference call service for your SIM card.

How can I make factory reset on wieeless phone? I’ve read up about this phone. I’ve not found one thing I hate or that doesn’t work, I can’t understand why others have had so many problems.

You can follow steps to delete a message. You can voice these concerns to warranty but it will be up to them whether they send out the same or different device. We understand your concerns with the device. This mode is used by default. How can I import contacts from SIM card? Yes 4 No 0.


Ron, is there anything else that we can assist with? If you have had issues with the same device 2 times then the 3rd one we recommend asking for another device. Control the audio output. The first time you turn on the phone, you will see a welcome screen. This is the first non Samsung phone. Not the best, true.

It’s memory is terrible, it’s DAMN slow and it has an app called Apps that can download potentially harmful apps onto the device – there was a warning sign from Google Play stores when I was scanning my device!! Yes 2 No 3. How can I change ringtone to vibration? Computers that use Mac OS X One of your customer service employees said that he heard about the problem. Why would I want a third Idol 4 phone if I’ve had the same problems the biggest is it getting too hot to touch?

Laggy and uncomfortable feel. How can I take photos with camera? But others implement security features which require more steps to set up, like, digital certifications, passwords or other ways to ensure that only authorized users to connect.


Airis Model 8050d Parts and accessories

Grenadianexpat, 13 Jun I wanted a cheap phone that did the basics with just one or two extra apps. Awful experience, like everyone has commented, and a total waste of money.

One of the many issue was that, if I receive a text message it would resend it to me at least 38 8005d over a week period. Mine is the 16Gb version, standard android v6.

But it’s not worth getting burned by it cause it gets so hot. You can follow below steps to import contacts.