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hey, bro! do you need a website with million files to download? can i suggest my own website? there are a lot of driver files there. you can get any. just choose what you need and click download driver button. and while you are waiting please, click on like button.


And what does not come out? We go into the bootloader and press the central button, resets briefly, then on the desktop start AsusUpdateROM. To upgrade, you need an SD card with a capacity of Not above 2Gb! I’m afraid of the dark: At the same time, the original WM5 firmware is completely restored. Unpack them, execute from the command line:

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You should buy one if you wat to buy a complete PDA. It is a great device and a very complete package. Tell me how to fill the dump in the PDA? Robertzemekis, Aug 4, 07 Here are the settings that work for me: I also had problems with this. This can be turned off, but it should just pick the hotspot I have selected.

There is an opinion that the emergency loader can pick windowws a dump file from a flash drive but it is not known what name it is looking for. Check it out at PDA Comparison. Fortunately most of the time the antenna doesn’t need to be unfolded, so my advise is only to a63n6 when needed because most of the time it works without. I’m afraid of the dark: Then fill it with USBLoader.


OZiExplorer – connects to the GPS port only once between soft resets and then if it was the first one. It has only one connection point to the back of the device and in my opinion it isn’t very strong. Battery experience The battery is very good.

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Rusa beta new version – well, with the beta to take – sometimes hangs when restarting well and the same as in OZI. Here is nice overview of the Mypal AN. Normal backup programs can not restore backup from another version of WM.

It is known that GPS performance is poor in a environment with high buildings and asuz streets. Here are the settings that work for me:. When I use it sometimes it can do with a charge once every three weeks. Without this, the PDA will simply refuse to be stitched. Format of the img-firmware file Program for unpacking and assembling img-firmware from nb0 to A63x, A63xN, A6x6 Asuw of sections of flash-memory pda and work with emergency flash driver bootloader Post has been edited Murav – Who is still thinking about sewing or not answering odnaznachny – sewing!


Region, after it GIS Russ convulsively loses-finds satellites, although visibility is good.

ASUS MyPal AN Windows Mobile 6 upgrade – video dailymotion

Add topic to Favorites Enable Smilies signature. Official update to wm6 Crossbow. I would like to return 5yu. Well, I’ve managed to save this on the N by pouring a dump from under the emergency loader.

Haba1I will gladly give a hat to anyone who can lead it.

Axus what does not come out? Well I for example observe some incorrectness of work of programs with port GPS that worked earlier. The long battery life is one of its strongest points when compared to the competition. I think I need a working image of the OS from A who can do please dump. Search this forum only The results of the Extra options.